L I Z   C H I M A


My name is Liz, and I'm from San Francisco.

I have been teaching English for over five years, helping people prepare for presentations and jobs interviews, write essays, dissertations, and academic papers, as well as apply for universities abroad. Classes are held both in person and/or over Skype, both with great success.


Grammar—We will discuss grammar and work together to give you a clear understanding of how English is structured.

Speaking—Practice, practice, practice! We will spend a lot of time talking in class so that you will become comfortable speaking English.

Job preparation—We will prepare the answers to a series of general interview questions to make you comfortable speaking about your job and yourself in English. We will also create a professional and competitive CV.

Universities—Together we will write strong personal essays and complete the application process to make you a competitive candidate.

Writing—Bring me your important written work (for example, presentations and dissertations), and together we will turn it into the perfect English document.

Who I Can Help

People who would like more confidence and skill with English for their jobs and in their lives.

Anyone who simply wants to learn and improve their English!

We Will Focus On 3 Major Things To Help You Learn English!

1. Listening and Understanding What You Hear

Watching short videos in English in your home is a great way to practice listening and understanding. Then we can talk about them in class.

2. Writing

Making sentences or writing essays for homework is a very good way to gain confidence for better speaking skills because your mind can work more slowly. If you do this, you will see how quickly you will improve!

3. Speaking/Communicating

We will practice together to help you gain confidence with your English!

So sorry, but I will no longer be teaching English in Budapest. I wish you all the best of luck with your studies.